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Heraclitus of Ephesus (535 – 475 BC) was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher. For Heraclitus everything is “in flux”, as exemplified in his famous aphorism:

Πάντα ῥεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει
Everything flows, nothing stands still

This saying expresses the very nature of the constantly transforming World Wide Web. The transformation approach of the Heraclitus framework allows any visitor, even first time ones, to benefit from the enhancements that have been derived from all users. In addition, the Heraclitus framework exploits the semantic aspects of the web by addressing the evolution of the site ontology. In Heraclitus, it is assumed that the website ontology is initially constructed by the webmaster, according to his perception on the thematic organization of his website. However, this ontology needs to evolve over time in order to follow trends in the usage of the website by its visitors.